KFD Premium Dessert 700 g

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Why choose KFD?

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KFD Premium Dessert 700 g

KFD Premium Dessert 700 g


KFD Premium Dessert is an high-protein product received in the process of ultrafiltation, evaporation and dehydration.
Low lactose content (as little as 2,5 per cent) may be achieved due to the process of ultrafiltration; evaporation and dehydration processes remove the excess water.

Dessert protein by KFD contains pure micellar casein which - due to its structure - provides an ideal source of amino-acids and their consistent release to the bloodstream (up to 12 hours). 

Thick pudding-like texture and delicious taste make KFD Premium Dessert a perfect substitute for a treat-shake, dessert or an individual meal (micellar casein is a spot-on evening snack).

Our product contains 100% pure micellar casein with no admixtures of lower-quality casein fractions like calcium caseinate. Great taste meets best quality.
KFD Premium Dessert contains no aspartame or other additives (artificial colourings marked by „E” and fillers) which impact on the health nad body is questionable. 

One serving equals 24 grams of nutritious complete protein and provides even and consistent release of amino-acids to the bloodstream.

Nett weight: 700 g
Portions: 23


NUTRITION FACTS100 g30 g (one portion)
Energy value350 kcal (1465 kJ)105 kcal (439 kJ)
Protein (d.m.)80 g24 g
Fat1,5 g0,45 g
   of which saturated fat0,1 g0,03 g
Carbohydrates4 g1,2 g
   of which sugars0,5 g0,15 g
Fiber0,4 g0,12 g
Sodium0,6 g0,18 g

Ingredients: Micellar Casein, cocoa (for chocolate flavour), konjac gum, flavouring (absent in the natural taste version), acidity regulator - citric acid, salt, sweeteners (absent in the natural taste version) - sucralose and saccharin sodium.

Instructions of use

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Pour one portion – 30 g (1 lightly heaped scoop) into a container with 150 ml of milk or water and, using a mixer or blender, mix for about 2 minutes until you obtain a smooth, creamy consistency. Can be served with fruit or dried fruit as a dessert. Use immediately after preparation, according to individual needs and not more often than three times per day.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: In a sealed container, in a dry and well ventilated area at room temperature, out of reach of children under the age of 14.
Not to be consumed by children under the age of 14, pregnant women, people suffering from liver or kidney diseases, with allergies to lactose, cow’s milk protein or its derivatives. This product contains sweeteners (natural taste contains no sweeteners).

Laboratory tests

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